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Services For Your Sacred Journey

March 16, 2009

As spring slowly makes it’s way to middle Tennessee, I am reminded of new birth and new beginnings. It is a time of preparation. Gardeners are preparing the soil, making it rich and fertile to better support the young seedlings. The seeds have been sprouted and tended to with care. The gardener cannot control all the elements that will influence her crops. It may be a season of drought, for instance, but the gardeners continued attention will ensure the best possible crop. Birds are preparing their nests, so that their young have a warm and safe place to be born. No doubt, that if you are pregnant, you have already begun your own preparations. You may have started buying diapers, clothing or equipment that you will need when your little one arrives. You have or will secure caregivers that will provide services for your birth. Good nutrition becomes the focus of your attention. You may be reading and researching your options. Preparation is necessary for any journey we take in life.

Birthing From Within childbirth classes are a great way to prepare not only your mind, but your body and spirit for the journey through birth and the transition into parenthood. Like the gardener who cannot control all the elements, you do not have complete control over what will happen during your birth or what the outcome will be. There are, however, many factors that you can influence and through continued awareness you will be able to meet the needs of each moment.

Spirit Birth offers Birthing From Within classes help you make the best preparations, while cultivating a spirit of awareness that can carry you through your birth, whatever the experience may be. Join us for an upcoming class.