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Spirit Birth


Spirit Birth provides Birthing From Within childbirth preparation classes as well as birth doula services in middle Tennessee, from Nashville south to the towns of Spring Hill, Columbia, Lawrenceberg, Summertown, and more (Maury, Lewis, Lawrence and Wayne counties). Browse around and see how Spirit Birth may be of service to you.

To birth with spirit is to have the courage to take the journey – to face the unknown. It is an initiation into the world of parenting. To call upon the spirit in birth is to access the deepest parts of yourself. With an open spirit, you learn to trust. You seek understanding. The spirit of generations of women is carried on through you as you are born as a mother. Your partner or caregiver will embody the spirit of support and compassion as they care for you. The spirit of the child in your womb will guide you to move in just the right way. With the spirit of love, you will open more fully, and with a discerning spirit you will make the best decisions for you and your baby.

Give birth with spirit,

Give birth to spirit

and let the spirit birth you.


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