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COMING SOON: Early Pregnancy Class, Birthin’ Again classes, Birth Story Medicine, Cesarean Healing and Information, Birth Story Medicine and Postpartum Connections. Most of these are available now for private classes. Scroll down for more information.

Childbirth Preparation Classes

VALIDATE – honor your inner knowing
MOTIVATE – what do you need to birth in awareness?
EDUCATE – learn through self-discovery and creativity
INITIATE – experience birth as a rite of passage
CELEBRATE – your sacred journey

Birthing From Within classes are: personal, informative, holistic, transformative, multi-sensory, thought-provoking, and fun!
Who are they for? Classes are for the pregnant woman, and their partner or support person. Whether you plan to birth in the hospital or at home, natural or medicated, all are welcome.

Birthing From Within classes are tailored to get what you need. I mentor each class with your concerns and interests in mind. One-third of each class is devoted to pain -coping practices, the remainder being a balance of practical information and inner exploration. Here’s what you might find in a typical class…

Birthing in our bodies
Creating sacred space
Pushing your baby out
Welcoming your baby and newborn care
Postpartum adjustment and recovery
Taming Birth Tigers
Cultural and personal influences
How to “lose it” in labor
Birthing From Within with a medicated birth
Preparation for unexpected or unwanted events
Asking questions and making decisions
Fathers and birth companions
Birth art, storytelling, videos, song, dance, poetry, sharing, and role playing

This is a 12-15 hour class offered as a 6-week series, four 3 hour Saturday classes, or weekend intensives.  Available for private classes in your home.  Cost is $250 for group classes and $325 for private classes.  Combine with doula services and get a $75 discount.

Birthin’ Again Classes

A “refresher” class for parents who are experienced in birth and want to:

*Reflect and learn from their previous birth

*Dust off old pain-coping techniques that worked & learn new ones

*Take time to enjoy this pregnancy

*Connect with this baby through interesting and enjoyable journaling and art.

*Prepare siblings for the arrival of a new baby

All experienced parents welcome.  This is a 8 hour class and the cost is $125  If you have unresolved negative feelings or trauma from a past birth, I recommend doing a Birth Story Medicine session before taking this class.

Birth Story Medicine

When thinking about the birth of their child, mothers and fathers often have mixed feelings of joy and grief, guilt, anger or depression.  Left unresolved, negative feelings and beliefs undermine the joy and confidence of parenting, and can negatively affect relationships with partner, baby, friends and work.
This class is for mothers, new and seasoned, who want to find new meaning in their birth stories.

This 2 hour class is for women only.  Cost is $50.  Private couples classes also available. 1 hour for $75.

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