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About Me

My name is Jennifer Albanese and I love birth!  It became a passion of mine when I walked into a used book store and saw a copy of Spiritual Midwifery by Ina May Gaskin.  I was nineteen and I was hooked!  After I had been through the experience, with the birth of my first child, it became clear to me that working in the field of childbirth was my calling.  I studied to be a childbirth educator, but there was something missing.  When I read Birthing From Within, co-authored by Pam England, I discovered what it was.  I wanted to mentor expecting women and their partners through this transition, to honor and iniitiate them, and guide them to their own inner knowing, in addition to teaching them about childbirth.  Birthing From Within offered a holistic approach to birth preparation that I resonated deeply with.  I am a Birthing From Within Mentor and doula and I am pleased to bring my services  to middle Tennessee.  As fate would have it I ended up moving to The Farm (birthplace of Spiritual Midwifery) and I am now an apprenticing midwife there.  I also work as an assistant in the office of Midwifery Workshops at The Farm.  I have a wonderfully supportive husband and two home schooled kids.  We recently bought some land and are creating a permaculture (ecological, sustainable) homestead site in Lewis County.  I love to cook, knit, learn about alternative healing arts, garden and enjoy the beautiful surroundings in which I live.

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